Know the suitable ways to estimate general damages auto insurance

While discussing general damages related to auto insurance, the damages include the pain, suffering, mental illness or other psychological problems that a person may face after any accident takes place. It is quiet difficult to calculate these problems since money is not involved with these kinds of damages. You need to check out what income you may lose to find out how this can affect your life to a great extent and the type of claim you require to make. Read on to know the suitable ways how you can estimate general damages auto insurance.


  • Know the type of injuries – It is important that you take sufficient time and think about the kind of injuries you’ve sustained and how they will affect your life in future. Suppose, if you get injury at your back, it will make your work much harder when compared with a headache that may last for a few weeks.
  • Inquire insurance companies about cost of general damages – You may inquire the different auto insurance companies as to how they decide upon the costs related to general damages. There are some companies who may increase the medical costs by a fixed amount where as other companies will only pay you less than that fixed amount.
  • Include other problems that may occur after settling claim – You should take into account future medical costs and other problems that may occur after the claim gets settled. This settlement includes paying all the bills at the right time.
  • Make out the limits for pain and suffering – You should make it a point to be acquainted with the maximum and minimum limits for the claims related to pain and suffering in your place. You will find many times an auto insurance company is restricted by the amount they can offer you thus making filing claim process much easier for you.
  • Take the help of a personal injury attorney – You may take the help of a personal injury attorney to find out the exact amount. You pay them for the services they offer you and, in turn, you’ll be able to get the right amount. Thus, you will not have to settle for a very low amount.
  • Proper negotiation with the insurance company – You need to negotiate properly with the insurance company so that you can fix upon a certain amount of money that you will pay them. You should offer such an amount that both the parties feel satisfied with it.
  • Add up the bills you collect from injury – You need to add up the bills that you collect from injury which may include the medical expenses. This is said to be a common formula that is being used by the law firms related to personal injury.
It can be risky purchasing general damages auto insurance since the insurance company calculates general damages by evaluating the accident claim. You need to know that you should always calculate the medical expenses at first. Thus, while calculating general damages, the insurance company will take into consideration these costs depending upon the amount of expenses that you will have to make.